How to Build Your Own CrashProofed Business Online

CrashProof your Business Life Online

How to Eliminate the Risks of an Offline Business and Fund a Retirement

Join me at 8 PM South African Time this coming Thursday

In this session we look at repurposing your skills and experience into a new channel to solve some of your main business challenges:

  • Solves the problems you face each time you borrow money 
  • Solves a piece of your retirement problem at about 1/1000th of the cost of a retirement annuity
  • Solves the problems of the POPI Act and most SA business laws

This new style:

  • Costs less than R1000 to startup.
  • Operates off less than R1000 each year. 
  • Offers recurring income.
  • Operates online and can reach the world.
  • Avoids POPIA and local business restrictions.
  • Carries no debt, so it cannot close.
  • Creditors can’t touch it if the rest of your life collapses.

You’ll learn more in this hour than you thought possible. 

I’ve been online from the very beginning. Using the Internet to sell seminar seats, online forums and communities and training in every format you can imagine.

I wrote South Africa’s best-selling book on surviving business closure – CrashProof your Business. I’ve lived and worked online in South Africa, Australia, England, Spain and Norway. I live in Gran Canaria now because it’s warm and has one of the best beaches in the world. You can too.

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