Technobabble Sells Nothing…

It was Randburg, March 2001. A client asked me to a meeting with someone he felt might add value to all my other clients.

This fellow started out like Sea Cottage coming out the gates at the start of the Durban July.

I tried to interrupt him three times. He barely stopped to draw breath. Let alone listen to me. He ended 20 minutes later. Both of us exhausted.

I understood as much of his presentation as I did of this short, funny spoof that shows how too many of us try to sell.

I told him that I had been trying to tell him that my market did not need such a product.

His comment? "No worries. At least I had a chance to practice my spiel."

I have never felt so worthless.

It's called technobable. It's the most common way most of us try to bludgeon someone into buying. But it sells nothing. Worse, people avoid you afterwards. These are people who should be your clients.

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Peter Carruthers